13 de abril de 2017


Derrotado en la búsqueda de referencias de esta acuarela de Leger, del año, 1944, en que fue vecino de S. Giedion, a orillas de Lake Champlain. (Semiderrotado, más bien: no encuentro la imagen en Internet, "donde está todo".)
Near Lake Champlain where I spent the summers of 1943, 1944 and 1945, I was even more struck by the broken down farm-machines I would come across abandoned in the fields. For me it became a typical feature of the American landscape, this carelessness and  waste and blind and ruthless disregard of anything worn or aged (...) I painted a group of American landscapes, being inspired by the contrast presented by  an abandoned machine-become old scrap iron-and the vegetation which devours it. (En: K. Kuh, Leger, Art Institute of Ch., 1953)
Above all, Leger knew how to smell out the food he needed for his painting. Near the Canadian border is a village, Rouses Point, on Lake Champlain. Here, in from the lake, he rented a cottage. The whole district is French-speaking. I lived on the lake shore working on the last stages of Mechanization Takes Command. (S. Giedion, Architecture you and me, Harvard U. P., 1958)

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